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By Editorial - Jan 27,2014
International Renewable Energy Agency Director General Adnan Amin would rather see Jordan develop renewable energy than rely on nuclear power. “Our belief is that renewable energy is the most viable approach for the future and much more environmentally safe,” sai
By Editorial - Jan 26,2014
While the eyes of the world are turned to Geneva, where efforts are being made to start peace talks towards a meaningful reconciliation between Damascus and the Syrian opposition, Israel is busy making history of its own at the expense of the Palestinians. At a recent debate
By Editorial - Jan 25,2014
The official visit of Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the accompanying delegation for talks with His Majesty King Abdullah and Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour came at a critical time in the region. The King exchanged views with the Canadian prime minister on severa
By Editorial - Jan 23,2014
Mayor of Amman Aqel Biltaji made a solemn declaration at the end of a recent meeting of the Greater Amman Municipality council: that he will henceforth have no tolerance whatsoever for any violations of GAM rules and regulations, including those pertaining to streets and makeshif
By Editorial - Jan 22,2014
The Montreux meeting that is supposed to prepare the groundwork for Geneva II peace talks on the Syrian crisis started on a negative note, with the Syrian regime, represented by Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem, and the Syrian opposition, represented by Ahmad Jarba, taking, as exp
By Editorial - Jan 21,2014
Preparations for holding the Geneva II peace talks on Syria have been on a roller coaster from the very beginning, almost two years ago. The latest wavering decision was that of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who on Sunday extended an invitation to Iran to attend the conf
By Editorial - Jan 20,2014
Many cafés serving hubble-bubble in Amman are upset with the Greater Amman Municipality’s decision not to renew their licences, or issue new ones, saying that such measures would hurt their business. In other words, these cafés would like to continue offering
By Editorial - Jan 19,2014
Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour’s recent meeting with the editors-in-chief of major newspapers in the country demonstrates his determination to keep the mass media abreast of his policies. His nearly two-hour encounter with these media practitioners was extremely candid
By Editorial - Jan 18,2014
The Special International Tribunal for Lebanon, investigating the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafiq Hariri and scores of his companions nine years ago, was off to a promising start a few days ago. The prosecution has already pointed a finger of guilt at s
By Editorial - Jan 17,2014
Speaker of the Lower House of Parliament Atef Tarawneh made a diplomatic issue of the attack launched by the Syrian embassy in Amman against MP Abdullah Obeidat for expressing his views about the Syrian conflict and President Bashar Assad during a recent public session of the Low



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