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Djoomart Otorbaev
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Oct 22,2022
BISHKEK  —  Bishkek’s residents have been confronted with an unusual sight these past few weeks: the streets of Kyrgyzstan’s capital teeming with tens of thousands of educated men with European features: Russian citizens fleeing President Vladimir Putin’s “partial mobil
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Aug 20,2022
BISHKEK  —  Earlier this summer, protests erupted in Uzbekistan’s autonomous Republic of Karakalpakstan after the government announced plans to strip the region of its constitutional status.
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Dec 08,2021
BISHKEK — I still have vivid memories of my first trip to Turkey in 1993. After the Soviet Union’s collapse two years previously, we Kyrgyz gained access to a world we had hitherto only imagined. We all had Turkish relatives somewhere in the West with whom we had lost contact.
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Aug 24,2021
BISHKEK — The days and nights following the Taliban’s capture of Kabul and the collapse of the Afghan government have been remarkably calm. Most shops and businesses are closed. Ordinary Afghans are hiding in their homes.
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Jul 12,2021
BISHKEK — On July 2, the US military handed control of the vast Bagram Air Base to the Afghan government.
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Apr 14,2021
BISHKEK — For the first time in centuries, there is an opportunity to connect central and south Asia via modern transport and energy corridors through Afghanistan.
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Nov 28,2020
BISHKEK — After staging three revolutions in two decades, one could argue that the people of Kyrgyzstan have accumulated unique knowledge of how it is done.
By Djoomart Otorbaev - Jun 01,2020
BISHKEK — COVID-19’s impact on my country, Kyrgyzstan, first hit home for me on March 19, when my son arrived at Bishkek’s international airport from a “highly infected” European country.


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