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Diane Coyle
By Diane Coyle - May 08,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Ever since OpenAI released its ChatGPT chatbot last year, a growing number of analysts have been predicting that generative artificial intelligence will displace millions of workers and cause widespread economic upheaval.
By Diane Coyle - Feb 05,2023
CAMBRIDGE — ChatGPT, the new artificial-intelligence chatbot developed by the San Francisco-based research laboratory OpenAI, has taken the world by storm.
By Diane Coyle - Dec 11,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  The world’s advanced economies are in the midst of dual structural transformations that will change every aspect of our lives, from how we work and do business to how we regulate markets.The most notable of these transformations is digitalisation, which ha
By Diane Coyle - Oct 09,2022
CAMBRIDGE — What is the government’s proper role in an advanced market economy? That is the fundamental question at the heart of the economic debacle in the United Kingdom.
By Diane Coyle - Aug 27,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Until this year, inflation in advanced economies like the United States and the United Kingdom had been so low for so long that one needed to be well into middle age to remember what living through the price surges of the late 1970s was like. It was bad.
By Diane Coyle - Aug 16,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Ask any economist whether competition is always a good thing, and the answer will be a resounding yes.
By Diane Coyle - Jun 12,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  Starting in the 1980s, transnational production enabled the expansion of global trade and low prices for goods, contributing significantly to economic growth.
By Diane Coyle - Feb 23,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  The recent publication of the UK government’s Leveling Up White Paper is a significant event.
By Diane Coyle - Dec 20,2021
CAMBRIDGE — How should we measure economic success? Criticisms of conventional indicators, particularly gross domestic product, have abounded for years, if not decades.
By Diane Coyle - Oct 16,2021
CAMBRIDGE — In the period leading up to the 2008 global financial crisis, a few prescient voices warned of potentially catastrophic systemic instability. In a famous 2005 speech, Raghuram G.



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