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Daron Acemoglu
By Daron Acemoglu - Jan 04,2024
BOSTON — Debates about inequality trends in the United States have leapt from the pages of academic journals to leading media outlets.
By Daron Acemoglu - Dec 04,2023
 BOSTON — These are unique and troubling times for the United States. A twice-impeached former president who now faces four separate indictments for serious crimes is the de facto leader of one of the two main political parties.
By Daron Acemoglu - Jul 17,2023
 BOSTON — The US Supreme Court’s decision disallowing explicitly race-conscious affirmative action in college admissions has intensified debates about privilege and social mobility in the United States.
By Daron Acemoglu - Jul 06,2023
BOSTON — Friedrich von Hayek is best known for his influential 1944 polemic The Road to Serfdom.
By Daron Acemoglu - Oct 30,2022
BOSTON  —  China highlights a long-debated question about economic development: Can a top-down autocracy outperform liberal market economies in terms of innovation and growth?Between 1980 and 2019, China’s average annual GDP growth rate was over 8 per cent, faster than
By Daron Acemoglu - Oct 10,2022
BOSTON — Are successful businesspeople more like heroes or villains? In fictional accounts, one can find plenty of examples of each, from Charles Dickens’s miserly Ebenezer Scrooge to Ayn Rand’s rugged individualist entrepreneur John Galt. In F.
By Daron Acemoglu - Sep 08,2022
 CAMBRIDGE  —  Not only are billions of people around the world glued to their mobile phones, but the information they consume has changed dramatically, and not for the better.
By Daron Acemoglu - Jul 25,2022
BOSTON  —  Environmental tariffs may be humanity’s last hope for mitigating climate change, which is on course to become increasingly devastating if we do not curb our greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions.The most straightforward way to confront this unprecedented global thre
By Daron Acemoglu - Jul 16,2022
CAMBRIDGE  —  While there are no ironclad laws of politics, two tendencies in the United States, midterm swings against the incumbent party (the “midterm blues”) and the negative electoral effects of inflation and unemployment (“political business cycles”), come pretty
By Daron Acemoglu - May 24,2022
Project Syndicate (PS): Last July, you wrote that economists and investors were right to be apprehensive about deficit spending, public debt, and the risk of sustained price growth, but “it would be a mistake to respond to these concerns by pumping the brakes on the economy.” US



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