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Dani Rodrik
By Dani Rodrik - Aug 10,2021
CAMBRIDGE — Early in his career, the economist Joseph E. Stiglitz had an extended stay in Kenya, where he was struck by various oddities in how the local economy operated. Sharecropping was one such anomaly.
By Dani Rodrik - Jun 07,2021
CAMBRIDGE — On June 5, the world’s leading economies announced an agreement that will bolster their ability to raise taxes on global corporations.
By Dani Rodrik - May 16,2021
CAMBRIDGE — Neoliberalism is dead. Or perhaps it remains very much alive. Pundits have been calling it both ways these days.
By Dani Rodrik - Apr 11,2021
CAMBRIDGE — President Joe Biden’s $2 trillion infrastructure plan is likely to be a watershed moment for the American economy, clearly signalling that the neoliberal era, with its belief that markets work best and are best left alone, is behind us.
By Dani Rodrik - Apr 05,2021
CAMBRIDGE — Economists have never been shy about taking on the big questions that disciplines such as history, sociology, or political science consider their own province. What have been slavery’s long-run implications for contemporary American society?
By Dani Rodrik - Feb 11,2021
CAMBRIDGE — Economic development relies on the creation of more productive jobs for an ever-rising share of the workforce. Traditionally, it was industrialisation that enabled poor countries to embark on this transformation.
By Dani Rodrik - Jan 13,2021
CAMBRIDGE — Just as 2020 was ending, the European Union and China announced the completion of a Comprehensive Agreement on Investment (CAI) between the two economic giants.
By Dani Rodrik - Nov 10,2020
CAMBRIDGE — As Joe Biden eked out a victory in the US presidential election after a few suspenseful days, observers of American democracy were left scratching their heads.
By Dani Rodrik - Sep 09,2020
CAMBRIDGE — The international trade regime we now have, expressed in the rules of the World Trade Organisation and other agreements, is not of this world. It was designed for a world of cars, steel, and textiles, not one of data, software, and artificial intelligence.
By Dani Rodrik - Aug 16,2020
CAMBRIDGE — Innovation is the engine that drives contemporary economies.



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