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Dani Rodrik
By Dani Rodrik - Apr 25,2024
CAMBRIDGE — It is common to think of US-China tensions as the inevitable result of stark differences between the two countries. The United States has a fully capitalist market economy, whereas the Chinese government keeps a strong hand on the economic tiller.
By Dani Rodrik - Jan 11,2024
CAMBRIDGE — Another tumultuous year has confirmed that the global economy is at a turning point. We face four big challenges: the climate transition, the good-jobs problem, an economic-development crisis, and the search for a newer, healthier form of globalization.
By Dani Rodrik - Dec 12,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Conventional economics has always had a blind spot when it comes to jobs. The problem goes back to Adam Smith, who placed consumers, rather than workers, on the throne of economic life.
By Dani Rodrik - Nov 27,2023
 CAMBRIDGE — With the United States leading the way, the world seems to be entering a new era of economic nationalism, as many countries prioritise their domestic social, economic and environmental agendas over free trade and multilateralism.
By Dani Rodrik - Oct 23,2023
Dani Rodrik Says More… Project Syndicate (PS): “What some decry as protectionism and mercantilism,” you wrote last month, “is really a rebalancing toward addressing important national issues”.
By Dani Rodrik - Sep 07,2023
CAMBRIDGE — “The era of free trade seems to be over. How will the world economy fare under protectionism?”This is one of the most common questions I hear nowadays.
By Dani Rodrik - Jul 08,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Economists have long argued that productivity is the foundation of prosperity. The only way a country can increase its standard of living sustainably is to produce more goods and services with fewer resources.
By Dani Rodrik - Jun 10,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Commentary on the world economy has never been short of exhortations for greater global cooperation.
By Dani Rodrik - May 07,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Two competing agendas are currently vying to shape the United States’ domestic and foreign economic policies. One agenda is inward-looking, focusing on the creation of an inclusive, resilient, prosperous, and sustainable American economy.
By Dani Rodrik - Apr 09,2023
CAMBRIDGE — Developing countries are increasingly worried that the United States will turn its back on the multilateral trade regime.



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