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Chris Patten
By Chris Patten - Jan 24,2023
LONDON — Fate has not dealt Rishi Sunak, the United Kingdom’s first prime minister of color and its third prime minister in two months, a winning electoral hand.Sunak entered office following two horrendous displays of prime ministerial incompetence.
By Chris Patten - Aug 24,2022
LONDON  —  Emma Duncan, one of Britain’s most respected journalists, recently wrote a commentary in The Times in which she reported on the experience of a Spanish friend who had visited the United Kingdom earlier this summer.
By Chris Patten - Oct 23,2021
LONDON — I have read the obituaries of General Colin Powell, who died this week, with considerable sadness. I got to know this great American soldier-statesman when he was the US secretary of state and I was the European commissioner for external affairs.
By Chris Patten - Sep 01,2021
LONDON — The recent terrorist bombing at Kabul airport that killed more than 100 Afghan civilians and 13 US troops has added more horror to an awful summer. It also shows that Voltaire was not always correct.
By Chris Patten - Jun 26,2021
LONDON — I confess straightaway: I am not a football fan. Too often, matches fall well below the sport’s claim to be “the beautiful game”. Nonetheless, I am dutifully watching some of the current European Championship.
By Chris Patten - Apr 28,2021
LONDON — We have not heard the expression “the free world” for some time, and we certainly didn’t hear the president of the United States referred to as “the leader of the free world” when Donald Trump was in office.
By Chris Patten - Mar 23,2021
LONDON — Since the United Kingdom left the European Union, relations with its continental neighbours have gone from bad to worse.
By Chris Patten - Feb 23,2021
LONDON — US President Joe Biden’s new administration has begun to show its hand regarding its policy toward China.
By Chris Patten - Feb 29,2020
LONDON — When the German playwright Bertolt Brecht wrote that, “All power comes from the people”, he went on to ask the rather important question, “But where does it go?”Liberal democracy’s signal achievement in the half-century after World War II was to answer that question in a
By Chris Patten - Dec 31,2019
LONDON — “Truthiness”, a concept coined by the American comedian Stephen Colbert, involves saying things that you want to believe are true even if there is no factual evidence to support these assertions.



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