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Barry Eichengreen
By Barry Eichengreen - May 13,2024
BERKELEY — Frontier markets are back. Several African countries have recently returned to global financial markets, placing foreign-currency bonds with international investors.
By Barry Eichengreen - Mar 21,2024
BERKELEY — For precisely three years, the economics profession has been collectively fixated on inflation.
By Barry Eichengreen - Jan 20,2024
FLORENCE — It has become fashionable of late to compare US President Joe Biden in 2023 to Jimmy Carter in 1979.
By Barry Eichengreen - Oct 31,2023
KAUAI — Is the dollar poised to lose its dominance of global economic and financial transactions?
By Barry Eichengreen - Oct 10,2023
 MARRAKESH — Industrial policy is back. It is back with a vengeance in the United States, where for decades the dominant ideology and policy minimised government efforts to influence the structure of the economy.
By Barry Eichengreen - Aug 28,2023
 BERKELEY — US President Joe Biden and his team get little credit for their management of the American economy.
By Barry Eichengreen - Aug 03,2023
NEW DELHI — The debate over using frozen Russian assets to fund Ukraine’s reconstruction is coming to a head. The arguments in favor are compelling. The objections are weak.
By Barry Eichengreen - Mar 13,2023
BERKELEY — When the United States and its G-7 partners imposed sanctions on Russia’s central bank and barred Western financial institutions from doing business with Russian counterparties, commentators warned of far-reaching changes in the global monetary and financial order.
By Barry Eichengreen - Feb 11,2023
BERKELEY — The ruckus in the United States over the federal debt ceiling has redirected attention toward soaring public borrowing.
By Barry Eichengreen - Jan 16,2023
STOCKHOLM — With hindsight, 2022 will be seen as the year when artificial intelligence gained street credibility.



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