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Ayoub Abu Dayyeh
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - May 28,2023
In a world facing the challenges of climate change, population growth, soil saltification, desertification, reduction in soil fertility and drinking water, soil erosion and diminishing natural resources, sustainable agriculture has emerged as a promising solution to reduce water
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - May 15,2023
As the world population continues to grow, there is an increasing demand for goods and services, which in turn puts pressure on Earth's natural resources.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Apr 30,2023
As the world struggles with climate change, the concept of green economy has become increasingly popular.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Apr 15,2023
In Jordan, we almost have no long-term strategies for retrofitting existing buildings and we also have limited access to retrofitting funds; therefore, an overview of world retrofitting strategies can be useful as a guideline for future planning in this respect.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Apr 02,2023
In a warming world where greenhouse gases emissions of buildings construction, heating and cooling contribute to about 40 per cent of the total world emissions — 27 per cent building operations, 6 per cent building construction industry, 7 per cent other construction industry — i
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Mar 22,2023
Green buildings is a term that is relatively new, yet research over it has been accelerating in the past twenty years, as uncovered by Assadiki and others who published in 2022 their findings in the well-known Sustainability Journal.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Mar 12,2023
The purpose of life is a philosophical question that has puzzled humanity for millenniums. It is a problematic question that has been explored by many great thinkers, philosophers, psychologists and theologians over the developing human civilisation.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Feb 01,2021
The four basic Green House Gases causing global warming are carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and hydroflorocarbons (HFCs).
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Jan 10,2021
Astray from the world trend, the beginning of year 2019 witnessed increasing taxes on electric vehicles in Jordan. Custom tax increased from nothing to 25 per cent. Later on, a weight tax and clearance tax were introduced.
By Ayoub Abu Dayyeh - Dec 14,2020
Consciously or unconsciously, within the framework of the Corona pandemic, there are many lessons to be learnt when designing future homes for multi-storey residences and public buildings.



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