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Anne O. Krueger
By Anne O. Krueger - Apr 28,2024
WASHINGTON, DC — With an unprecedented number of migrants and asylum seekers trying to enter the United States through its southern border, immigration is at the top of American voters’ minds ahead of November’s presidential election.
By Anne O. Krueger - Feb 18,2024
WASHINGTON, DC — Late last year, Japan’s Nippon Steel announced that it had reached a deal to acquire US Steel Corporation for $14.1 billion, a move that would make it the world’s second-largest steel producer by capacity.
By Anne O. Krueger - Dec 20,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — In its latest World Economic Outlook, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) reported that a rising share of countries, 56 per cent of low-income countries and 25 per cent of emerging markets, are “in or at high levels of debt distress”.
By Anne O. Krueger - Sep 30,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — The exponential growth of international capital flows, predominantly in the form of debt, has been one of the great development successes of the past 50 years.
By Anne O. Krueger - Aug 16,2023
LONDON — To the dismay of many economists, US President Joe Biden’s administration has retained most of its predecessor’s tariffs and trade barriers.
By Anne O. Krueger - Jul 24,2023
TOKYO — Until 2017, America’s trade policies were reasonably well aligned with its strategic objectives.
By Anne O. Krueger - May 24,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — Recent headlines seem to augur a global debt crisis. The United States is teetering on the precipice of a self-inflicted default. Egypt, Ghana, Pakistan, and many other countries are in grave financial difficulties.
By Anne O. Krueger - Apr 20,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — When Sri Lanka’s economic crisis burst into international headlines a year ago, it had already been worsening for many months. Critical fuel shortages prevented people from going to work, and consumer goods could not be distributed.
By Anne O. Krueger - Mar 23,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — Last year’s US CHIPS and Science Act created large subsidies for investments in domestic semiconductor fabrication facilities (fabs), on the grounds that microchips are essential both to the US economy and to national security.
By Anne O. Krueger - Feb 19,2023
WASHINGTON, DC — The great statesmanship and leadership that the United States showed during and after World War II is well known.



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