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A blessing in disguise

Sep 21,2019 - Last updated at Sep 21,2019

US President Donald Trump has showered Israel with several "gifts" including extending recognition to Israel's annexation of Jerusalem, accepting Israeli sovereignty over Jewish settlements in the West Bank and, of course, over the Golan Heights and belatedly winking approvingly to Netanyahu's intention of extending Israeli sovereignty over the Palestinian side of the Jordan Valley and over the north-west region of the Dead Sea. 

The fate of this Israeli move now hangs in the balance in the wake of the indecisive results of last Tuesday’s general election in Israel. But what could be in the pipeline will top them all. 

There are now faint voices that Trump could be on the verge of signing a Mutual Defence Pact (MDP) with Israel which could seal the future of the Palestinian territories forever if this fatal step is not averted and aborted in time. 

What can be expected from the international community at large and the Arab and Muslim worlds in particular, to stop this from happening is something up in the air. 

Yet judging by past experiences, neither the UN nor the Arab and Muslim capitals would be expected to do or say anything in the face of such a dangerous and reckless leap in the US-Israeli relations beyond the usual condemnation and censorship. 

Till now the international reactions to all US actions on the side of Israel for all intents and purposes have been muted and ineffective. There is no reason to expect otherwise if President Trump takes, yet, another giant step forward to consolidate the US- Israeli relations even more. 

For this reason President Trump may be tempted to take the extra and final step to support Israel for all times by agreeing to an MDP with it even prior to the next US presidential election. 

It would be Trump's trump card that he is sleeping on to reveal only at the right and appropriate time and occasion to secure for himself another term at the White House through the support of Israel and Jewish lobby groups in the US.

What can abort this step are the results of the latest Israeli elections that deprived Benjamin Netanyahu of a leadership role in the Israeli politics. 

It is very doubtful that Danny Gantz, the leader of the White and Blue Party, would support any such a direction. Gantz can spoil not only Netanyahu's reckless policies but also those emanating from President Trump. 

If this turns out to be the case, the support of Israelis to Gantz would be a blessing in disguise.

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