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On spontaneous and passionate protestors vs politicised and interest-driven group

Apr 01,2024 - Last updated at Apr 01,2024

AMMAN — Jordan has no issue with demonstrations supporting Palestinians and denouncing the Israeli war on Gaza, period.

In fact, Jordan views these demonstrations as reinforcement of its official posture and it has worked to ensure their security since their start back in October.

However, depicting the marches as if they began last week is indeed misleading of the public. 

Thousands of marches and sit-ins have been organised across the Kingdom since the events in Gaza began, under security protection. The distortion of facts and claiming that Jordan rejects solidarity sit-ins with Gazans is misinformation and is actually unfair conclusion.

It is unacceptable for individuals to resort to vandalism under the guise of expressing solidarity. Unlawful behaviours, including confrontations with security forces, are not permissible. Any attempts to incite violence or chaos and breach the rule of law during protests are intolerable.

Calls from abroad that incite actions undermining the country’s security and stability are unacceptable. Jordan is a sovereign state governed by law, and it is inappropriate to address Jordanians as if they were mere elements of an organisation.

Some individuals abroad have even incited bloodshed, speaking of mixing Jordanian blood with Palestinian blood. How would that be? How can a Jordanian seeing his fellow Jordanian soldier or policeman protecting the borders or in Amman's Al Rabiah neighbourhood (where the Israeli embassy is located) achieve such calls unless the intention behind such calls is to ignite violence and chaos?  

Such calls can only lead to violence and chaos. The inflammatory calls made by Hamas will only divide the street. Those who take to the streets are way less than those rejecting them as a threat to national security. Supporting Gaza does not equate to destabilising Jordan or undermining its security.

Instructions from Iran to a team that recently visited Tehran aim to exert pressure in all forms, including sowing chaos in neighbouring countries, specifically in Jordan. As such, a campaign against Jordan was organised and media campaigns run by some countries have been observed.

Jordan has maintained a clear stance since the beginning of the war on Gaza and His Majesty King Abdullah has led intensified diplomatic effort seeking an end to the war and the resulting humanitarian catastrophe.

Slogans casting doubt on the Jordanian position are completely rejected. Jordan runs its domestic affairs according to its interests and will not allow any “imported calls” to undermine its security and stability.

There are calls that seek to deceive and mislead the public and sow superstition. How can a group claiming to be Jordanian raise slogans such as “All Jordan is Hamas!” or “we pledge allegiance to you!” Who is this “you”? These are indeed hollow slogans.

While Jordan was doing everything possible to assist the Palestinians in Gaza with all means available, members of the Islamic movement were scorning Jordan, casting doubt on the feasibility of the airdrops of aid it has been bravely carrying out over Gaza, and minimising their impact on alleviating the burdens of the Palestinians in the war-torn strip. This is all due to their narrow vision of the situation and limited political calculations, and came in response to calls from outside seeking to destabilise Jordan and undermine its security.

It is absurd to hear those calling for abolishing the Jordanian-Israeli peace deal are calling for establishing a land bridge to send aid into Gaza through utilising the 1994 peace treaty.

Statements criticizing the security bodies for arresting some people over rioting and vandalism and describing rioters as “honourable” are misleading. The rule of law must be upheld, and those who break it must face the consequences.

Some outlaws were arrested during demonstrations for reasons everyone knows and the rest of hundreds of peaceful protestors exercised their constitutional right and went back homes safely and soundly.  

Raed Omari
Editor-in-Chief of The Jordan Times

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