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Why does Jordan succeed in managing the coronavirus crisis?

Apr 12,2020 - Last updated at Apr 12,2020

The greatest lesson learned by various countries of the world in dealing with the coronavirus crisis is the fact that the key success factor is not related to the resources and capabilities, but rather to leadership and management.

Leading the crisis at the whole country level and managing the crisis with the participation of the various institutions, including military, security, government, private sector, media and civil society organisations. This is supported by unity of purpose, national harmony and purposeful and constructive community efforts that are fully aware of the real danger.

All success factors are represented in the Jordanian case. Among the most prominent features:

First: The Hashemite leadership is wise and proactive in its directives and follow-up to the smallest details and its leadership of the national scene competently.

Second: Armed forces and security services that work with a high professionalism and are only concerned with achievement. So the crisis is managed quietly and efficiently.

Third: Professional work in the health and medical fields. In addition to the integration between all institutions in this sector.

Fourth: A transparent media that has one mission and is responsible for both public and private.

Fifth: A collective sense of responsibility of citizens and a strong commitment to the requirements and arrangements of prevention and safety.

Sixth: Public institutions, each of which significantly contributes to the national work according to the specialty.

Seventh: A supportive private sector that assumed responsibility and harnessed its resources and capabilities to serve the public interest.

Eighth: Trust, complementarity and harmony between the various parties mentioned above.

In short, it is an unprecedented distinguished case that has demonstrated that leadership and management do what the vast potential failed to do. It is a comprehensive national situation in which achievement was manifested in all its dimensions and phases. Leading excellence should be the approach to our work, life and everything.

Once again I say, we all have to be proud of what we have achieved and to continue our proactive approach to smartly address the effects of this crisis.

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