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Huge challenges, but solutions are still possible!

May 08,2022 - Last updated at May 08,2022

There is no doubt that the challenges we are facing are huge, manifold and overlapping, but at the same time solutions are still possible and available.

A large part of the challenge relates to how we manage government institutions and ensure the integration of institutions and the alignment of their policies to create healthy and sustainable economic growth rates.

Reaching the required solutions require a comprehensive view based on deep and accurate analysis and understanding of its basic joints, their interaction and key causes, then adopting immediate measures and sustainable policies with attainable goals.

This is achieved through a professional identification of the potential desired situation, its pillars and dimensions, a right understanding of all its details, and an immediate start with an unrivaled determination to implement it according to specific time frames and a purely national sense by national human competencies that constitute a role model in everything.

Therefore, real sustainable solutions must be sought, not costly traditional solutions, at various levels.

Leaders must lead by example in what they say and do. Otherwise, there will be no progress or corrective actions on the ground. Not only that, but they must have real positive attitudes, decisions and actions that benefit people.

Solutions must be developed and adopted collectively with a sense of agility and urgency as a full course not as pieces here and there.

Leaders, if they do not understand and believe in what they are doing and in their missions, they fail from the first step.

The problem is not in reaching clear feasible solutions, but in enforcing the solutions without hesitation and procrastination and self-interests.

The costs of postponing solutions have doubled dramatically and may reach a point where no solutions will work.

Solutions were supposed to be undertaken a long time ago. We have to rectify the matter and minimise the negative outcomes and impacts as potential opportunities are becoming scarce and unavailable.

Success or not in all of this is determined by the way of thinking and the extent of determination and boldness in implementation.

Some officials are unfortunately more interested in staying in positions for as long as possible than their actual accomplishments. They focus on how to stay in service rather than how to serve the country and the people.

We all must create a challenge for those in charge to deliver their best or leave positions to those who can make a significant positive difference in performance.

Finally, we need to adopt a new management approach “managing with indicators”. This proposed approach is based on facts in decision-making, policy, and evaluation.

Noting that the performance of the private sector is one of the government’s key performance indicators.

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