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The experience of King's Academy amid COVID-19

Jan 26,2021 - Last updated at Jan 26,2021

Our institutional capabilities are often more apparent during exceptional times and circumstances. The COVID-19 pandemic, which has particularly affected the education sector, has perhaps exposed the institutional and professional capabilities of every country and every institution. 

In spite of the pandemic’s impact on the education sector worldwide, there are examples deserving the examination. While the pandemic has halted almost all educational and pedagogical activities at schools in Jordan and around the world, we can find one such example in Jordan where a school has distinguished itself for its high level of professionalism in managing the crisis both educationally and administratively. Since such experiences benefit national decision-making bodies and institutions in the education sector, it is worth taking a closer look at the experience of King’s Academy, the first boarding and day school of its kind in Jordan and the region, and how it overcame the challenges of the pandemic. 

Knowing that too much screen-time is challenging for students led King’s Academy to develop procedures allowing it to reopen and offer a safe and healthy in-person learning environment for grades nine through twelve. Aiming to provide a stable and sustainable education by creating the on-campus Green Zone, or bubble, the school established measures to preserve the health and safety of all students and staff who chose to join, with almost all students opting in. 

After health tests were conducted to confirm that everyone moving to campus was free of the virus, and a plan put in place to respond to any cases of infection, the school then arranged for the return of students, faculty and staff to campus where they would reside for the duration of the semester. 

Following these measures, the school embarked on a pioneering educational journey during which students were able to engage in an in-person learning process with access to a variety of educational, athletic and recreational activities within a safe environment isolated from the outside community. Faculty, who were in constant communication with students’ families, provided around-the-clock supervision and academic and emotional support to ensure students’ well-being.

What was pioneering about the King’s Academy experience was the appropriateness of the measures implemented by the school along with the cooperation between the school, its students and their families to ensure an uninterrupted learning experience. 

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