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The work ahead, before elections

Jun 12,2016 - Last updated at Jun 12,2016

The Independent Elections Commission (IEC) has just announced that parliamentary election will be held on September 20, thus giving potential candidates, political parties and voters enough time to prepare for the big day.

The Lower House of Parliament was dissolved on May 29 after completing its term, thus setting the stage for the election of new deputies.

His Majesty King Abdullah met recently with the IEC’s Board of Commissioners, discussing the imperative of conducting elections in the most democratic way possible, with stress on transparency, and on helping make this year’s voting a turning point in the country’s democracy and parliamentary elections.

The King, the government and the IEC have done all that is possible to prepare the groundwork for the new elections on the basis of a new Election Law.

It is now up to the people and to political parties to do their part in order to ensure that the new parliamentary elections are free, fair and a model of democratic exercise of civic duty.

People will have to be judicious in casting their vote, judging by what their representative can deliver to the community, not according to vain promises or blood relation.

It is, after all, the voters who can make elections exemplary, by voting their conscience and beliefs, not by allowing themselves to be intimidated or lured by pledges that will not be met.

Jordan has an opportunity to set an example of what true democracy is, particularly significant in a region where turmoil and conflicts could trace their roots in undemocratic systems of government, by holding the impending parliamentary elections on the soundest possible foundation.

But in order for the people to make up their mind, contenders to the seats under the Dome need to make their platform known, lead a credible campaign and set realistic goals.


They must refrain from demagoguery or from appealing to kinship, for only when people vote for the best will a country be the best.

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