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Trump’s ‘deal of the century’

Mar 23,2019 - Last updated at Mar 23,2019

President Donald Trump has dropped yet another bombshell by announcing that he intends to recognise Israel’s purported annexation of the Syrian Golan Heights. By so doing, President Trump is upping the ante for the entire peace process between Israel and the Arab world, or what is left of it.

Trump has already exacerbated this alleged peace process in 2017 by recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. That move alone threw a wrench into the “peace process” between the Palestinians and Israelis. It will come as no surprise to the international community if the US president continues down this aggravating and alarming path by recognising even Israel’s occupation of the entire West Bank.

The so-called peace process is already dead anyway, and any additional provocations by the US would not make it any deadlier than it already is. Now the Palestinians know what the “deal of the century” looks like, as its main features have already been made public by Trump.

Where does the Arab side, including the Palestinians, go from this alarming stage in the dying, if not the dead, peace process is what should occupy the attention of the Arab nation.

By the looks of things, President Trump must have struck a deal with Israel and the US Jewish lobbyists in his country to recognise an expanded Israel in return for political favours and support for his presidency.

President Trump can now be assured of not only a survival from the onslaughts on his presidency by a number of congressional investigations, but also another term in the White House. That would, indeed, be the “deal of the century” that the US president is prepared to endorse in return for political favours from Israel and its supporters in the US. This would be alarming for the entire international community, as it would show to what extent Trump is prepared to go in order to save his presidency.

Trump wants to go down in history as the “saviour” of Israel, and even more ominous moves in that direction will surprise no one.

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