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Reform race reshuffles Cabinet

Nov 07,2019 - Last updated at Nov 07,2019

The much-awaited reshuffle of Prime Minister Omar Razzaz’s Cabinet on Thursday was necessary in order for the government to stay the course on its stimulus plan and trigger an array of economic and political reforms. 

The Cabinet shake-up, that saw nine new faces and veterans change places, brings new blood into the team to continue on the reform trajectory.

The continuation of the government was necessary to render the economic stimulus package a success, fuel growth and improve the living standards of Jordanians. 

Intensifying efforts to realise tangible results in creating opportunities for Jordanians, boosting the economy and enhancing services are of paramount importance. 

His Majesty King Abdullah has, on several occasions, instructed the government to speed up efforts to realise this objective. Chairing a Cabinet meeting in August, the King urged  for tangible results before the end of the year. The King emphasised the need for the government to enhance the public’s living standards within a set timeframe, publicly announce the completion dates of its projects, transparently clarify its working methods and explain its plans and programmes to citizens.

The need for immediate and real achievements is a challenge and opportunity for the government and should be a top priority. As Jordan continues to be affected by regional developments amidst a decline in aid and rise in public debt, an opportunity has arisen to deliver on pledges and prove the latest reshuffle is a step in the right direction.

The government will soon present its 2020 State Budget for deliberations at Parliament, and will continue the reform process and announce its remaining plans for stimulating the economy. 

In addition to the economic agenda, the government should be working in utmost cooperation with legislators to give impetus to political reform in the country. Cooperation between the executive and legislative authorities is the need of the hour to speed up the implementation of the needed legislation to meet citizens’ aspirations.

At the end of the day, what matters is for citizens to sense the impact of the entire reform process, which should positively reflect on their lives. 

Building on previous achievements and moving ahead with a clear vision, while taking into account the need for accountability, transparency and follow-ups are necessary for achieving the required results.

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