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No ordinary speech

Jun 19,2019 - Last updated at Jun 19,2019

HRH Crown Prince Hussein delivered a powerful speech on Tuesday at the graduation ceremony for the 40th class of post-graduate students at Yarmouk University for the academic year 2018-2019, in which he outlined the hopes and aspirations of the country for the young to continue the buildup of Jordan and help preserve and protect its long-standing traditions and time-honoured principles.

"Jordan now looks to you, awaiting your positive role in its progress," Crown Prince Hussein said. He reminded the graduating students that he was speaking from the same podium where his grandfather the late King Hussein and his father His Majesty King Abdullah had once used to address similar young Jordanian graduates because the message is the same. "Jordan's ambition is the ambition of its sons and daughters," he continued to tell the students.

What was most striking about the Crown Prince's speech is his stress on the values and fortitude of the Kingdom as the cornerstone of its principled and unwavering positions at the domestic and foreign levels.

The Crown Prince cited the example of the principled position of Jordan on the Hashemite Custodianship of the Islamic and Christian holy places in East Jerusalem, which is unshakable. He also referred to Jordan's open-door policy to refugees seeking safety and freedom from neighbouring countries as examples of the honourable stands that Jordan has been supporting and upholding with determination.

The Crown Prince ended his address by telling his audience that they are the future of the country and its most precious assets.

The Crown Prince’s speech was no ordinary address. It was moving and to the point. In retrospect, his address to the graduates may well go down as among his most spectacular speeches delivered to the country. The occasion was well chosen and the words of the speech were carefully chosen. The delivery of the address was masterful. The Crown Prince deserves all the praise and appreciation of not only the graduating students but also his wider audience; the people of the country.

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