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Jul 18,2019 - Last updated at Jul 18,2019

The interview with His Majesty King Abdullah, recently conducted by three university students and released on Wednesday, was truly out of the ordinary and spectacular in scope and content. Arwa Sarhan and Luma Hammouri from Yarmouk University and Aseel Rawashdeh from the University of Jordan had a heart-to-heart talk with the King and the students were magnificent in style by touching so effectively on the professional and personal highlights of His Majesty’s 20-year reign.

Never before did the King grant a similar personal interview in style and content and he must have wanted to "open up" to his people and touch base with them on fronts seldom portrayed to the public. The King must have wanted his people to know him more and remove all barriers between him and his people. It is as if the King was saying to his people  "This is me, get to know me better!” 

What pained the King most in his life were the death of his father His Majesty the late King Hussein, the 2005 terrorist bombings on hotels in Amman and the barbaric killing of the Jordanian hero, pilot Muath Kasasbeh, by terrorists. This comes as no surprise to those who knew the King, as the three tragic events hurt him to the core and caused him pain and sorrow never experienced before.

Telling the truth is the most cherished human trait on the King's list of priorities. Vice versa, not telling the truth and hypocrisy are on the King's list of dislikes in human behaviour. Nothing troubles him more and causes him pain than falsehood and dishonesty. This continues to guide the King's navigation of his rule and the selection of the right people to help him in steering the course of the country in troubled waters. 

More important than the detailed disclosures made by the King during his unusual interview with the three Jordanian students was the unveiling of the King's character to his people. Jordanians now know their King much better and can relate to him and his policy decisions more closely than ever. This must have been the objective behind the rare interview and it seems that the goal has been realised.  For the people of the country, getting to know their King better is what counts most. 

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