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Significant Russian proposal to put an end to Syrian crisis

Jul 13,2015 - Last updated at Jul 13,2015

Dynamic changes in the region might have a positive impact on the Syrian crisis. The Saudi deputy crown prince’s visit to Moscow and his meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin seems to be a crucial point in changing the Saudi position regarding the Syrian crisis.  

Indeed, a couple of days after the visit, during his meeting with Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Mouallem, Putin proposed a new coalition to fight terrorism: Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Syria.

Putin’s idea is simply stating that Daesh is targeting everybody, thus, targeting the terror group might be the foundation on which a new coalition could emerge. 

Such a proposal, linked to the Saudi visit and the recent Russian-American coordination, cannot be seen as a wishful thinking anymore.

Currently, Russia has very good relations with two key players in the Syrian crisis: Turkey — to which it is linked by the Turkish Stream Gas Project — and Saudi Arabia, especially after the recent visit and the newly signed agreements.

Another factor that might positively back up the Russian plan to put an end to the Syrian crisis is related to the new crisis in Europe. EU countries are currently occupied with the Greek issue, where a Russian role might be useful in resolving the disturbing crisis.

The new dynamics has had an impact on Jordan as well. Many observers believe that the state is working to restructure its historic alliance. At the same time, some signs have shown a kind of Jordanian political re-positioning. Adopting a harsh tone against the Syrian regime, hosting a Saudi cleric in Irbid and the recent arrest of an Iraqi reportedly affiliated with Iran who was allegedly plotting to carry out terrorist attacks in Jordan, can be seen as Jordan’s messages to persist in its alliance with Saudi Arabia. 

Jordan is keen to have a solid alliance with its historic Arab allies, particularly since the coming phase might witness many developments at the political and security levels. The Syrian crisis seems to have reached a point where all protagonists are convinced about  the need to bring an end to it. 

At the same time, Jordan is facing an escalating risk on its borders that requires the full support of its allies and partners. 

The coming phase requires a new Jordanian diplomatic and political strategy capable of building deep ties that are based on mutual strategic interests.  

Therefore, it is important to adopt a new, competent strategy capable of coping with rapid dynamics of change on the political scene, and at the same time, capable of keeping Jordan and its borders removed from the chaos that is surrounding it.


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