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A new phase in facing IS

Feb 08,2015 - Last updated at Feb 08,2015

The brutal footage of the killing of Jordanian pilot Muath Al Kasasbeh was intentional for many reasons.

One of its aims was to intimidate and psychologically terrify coalition members, specifically the Jordanians, including the military establishment.

This shows the difficulty of the challenge Jordan faces, and will continue to face, in what will be a long confrontation with Daesh.

There is urgent need in Jordan to take concrete steps against organisations such as Daesh at the roots.

Jordan must address the ideas, tools and the environment that allows such ideology to grow.

There needs to be a rational unified strategy across the country, and to avoid emotional reactions.

In order to successfully face the terrorists surrounding Jordan, the countries in the region that face the same threats and are considered potential targets for Daesh should form an Arab coalition.

The Arab world must come together to face this threat from within, as Daesh and its terrorist likes are causing fragmentation in their societies.

While it diverges from the US’ vision, an Arab coalition should be at the top of the Arab agenda.

The region needs its own vision tailored to confront the real risks that Arab countries are facing today.

In order to effectively address the challenge, Jordan needs to adopt a new and non-traditional way of thinking; it needs to consider geographic developments and national security threats from some countries in the region.

Jordan needs to develop new tactics and foster new alliances that serve its strategic interests and its people.

The brutality of the assassination actually set the Jordanian Army free of many limitations, also eliminating the political constraints and obligations the country has, and thus move to meet its strategic needs.

The immediate execution of some detained terrorists is likely to be just the beginning of a new response from Jordan in the ongoing confrontation with these terrorist groups.

The country should follow a direct and purposeful strategy to address terrorism across all levels of society, from military and security, to education, culture and social mores.

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