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To face political and security challenges

Jun 14,2015 - Last updated at Jun 14,2015

Regional developments, including recent Daesh victories, pose growing military and political challenges and threats to Jordan, which must determine its strategy to manage and respond to unexpected events and the threat approaching its borders.

It is in this context that we have to see the recent reappearance of the Hashemite flag. 

It has been suggested that this represents a shift in Jordan’s military strategy towards Daesh, from defensive to deterrent.

This must be analysed in relation to developments on the borders with Syria and Iraq.

Destabilisation in these countries attracted terrorist groups and the failure to establish a deep defensive line is the result of a lack of a partner on the other side to protect the border from terrorist groups.

Any strategy to successfully face the myriad possibilities must go beyond defence and deterrence, as well as beyond technical and tactical issues.

There needs to be an overarching strategy to build and engage the community with nationalism and pride to build a sense of security that also motivates a passionate defence.

This sense of nationalism and community responsibility must promote civility, progress and logic in our self-identity.

It needs to foster a social status that Jordanians aspire to that reinforces the determination amongst people that they have something worth defending, worth sacrificing to protect.

We must be cautious in developing and promoting this nationalism. We must learn from past mistakes, from both ineffective and misappropriated policies of the past.

These policies must be applied across the board, clarifying the concept of citizenship, military responsibility and the serious need for us to come together to protect our way of life.

The complexity of the challenges we face requires a variety of skills and experience if we are to be successful in facing them.

We need to understand and anticipate global transformations and implement policies for the future. 

Policies and mindsets of the past will only lead to more pain and more terrible outcomes. 

Failure to keep up with the rhythm of change will likely result in a collapse of cultural and intellectual foundations in our society, and provoke anger and tension that will make it even more difficult to face the challenges of the future.


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