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G7 pledges sustained support for Ukraine; solidifies pathway for security guarantees

By Mohammad Ghazal - Jul 13,2023 - Last updated at Jul 13,2023

VILNIUS- In a development that reassures Ukraine's security, President Joe Biden, on Wednesday, affirmed that the combined declaration of support from G7 nations emphasises their enduring commitment to Kyiv. This statement from the top-tier democracies sends a message that their backing for Ukraine is here to stay.

While addressing the NATO summit in Vilnius subsequent to the first-ever NATO-Ukraine council meeting, President Biden shared that the western nations are committing to long-term support to Ukraine's security. This comes as Ukraine advances in its journey towards full membership in the soon-to-be expanded 31-nation alliance.

The G7 leaders gathered at the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania on Wednesday and laid out an international strategy that sets the stage for lasting security assurances for Ukraine. This is intended to dissuade Russia from any future invasions.

This joint statement, which welcomes other countries to participate, was announced by G7 leaders from the US, Germany, Japan, France, Canada, Italy, and the UK, in addition to the European Union. The blueprint encompasses components like modern sophisticated military gear, training, intelligence cooperation, and cyber defense.

In return, Ukraine will commit to enhancing its government policies. This includes judicial and economic overhauls, along with boosting transparency.

President Biden assured that the G7 is dedicated to assisting Ukraine in bolstering its military as it anticipates joining NATO. He highlighted that Ukraine's destiny is intertwined with NATO, and the G7's support will be unwavering in the years to come.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy lauded the multilateral agreement which smoothens the way for one-on-one negotiations with nations, calling it a substantial security triumph for Ukraine. However, he expressed his dissatisfaction over the ambiguous pathway to NATO membership for his country.

"Today there are security guarantees for Ukraine on the way to NATO," he said. "The Ukraine delegation is bringing home the significant security victory."

Zelenskyy also spoke of "a meaningful, powerful meeting" with Biden on the sidelines of the summit. "We discussed in detail the situation on the frontline, our capabilities, further long-term defense cooperation, and internal Russian processes given the recent events," Zelenskyy wrote on Twitter.






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