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We will never tolerate corruption — Razzaz

By JT - Sep 16,2018 - Last updated at Sep 16,2018

AMMAN — Prime Minister Omar Razzaz on Sunday morning stressed that Jordanians can encounter difficulties and seize opportunities to lift themselves up, especially in the economic and service sectors. 

Razzaz said that the government within a few weeks will announce new measures to solve all issues affecting the daily lives of citizens, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

In an address, aired on Jordanian radios, the prime minister expressed the government's commitment to meeting citizens' legitimate demands, including the fight against tax evasion and corruption, as well as improving the quality of government services and providing jobs.

He said that all Jordanians realise and feel that the Kingdom is going through challenging economic hardships, reflected by the turbulent political circumstances the whole region is also going through.

Such circumstances, Razzaz added, will definitely cause frustration and sometimes pessimism, warning against giving up or losing hope.

He pointed out that the government had begun gathering citizens' complaints of their daily services, including education, health, transportation and other living issues which have negative impacts on living conditions.

The premier also referred to government procedures to be announced within few weeks that are designed to solve these issues.

The government will also start implementing medium- and long-term programmes, said Razzaz.

“Our citizen believes in the state of law, seeks the rule of law, wants to fight corruption and also looks for a just tax law that does not equate the poor with the rich, but put the greatest burden on the rich and we will never tolerate corruption anymore,” he added.

Citizens also want tax evasion, quality of services and job opportunities addressed to support their families he said.

“These legitimate demands are our responsibility as a government, and we promise to fulfil them,” he said, adding that these form the basis of “our approach and goals we hope to accomplish with the help of you all”.

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