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Unified national network to help alleviate domestic violence needed — activists

By Rana Husseini - Sep 01,2020 - Last updated at Sep 01,2020

AMMAN — Activists and gender-based violence (GBV) specialists on Monday said there is an "urgent need" to establish a national network to unify the work of all entities dealing with domestic violence, especially during times of emergencies.

The call came during a Zoom focus group meeting to discuss a policy paper titled “Protecting Women and Girls from Gender-based Violence during the COVID-19 Crisis”, that was drafted by Solidarity Is Global Institute (SIGI) and supported by Care International Organisation in Jordan.

“There is an urgent need to ensure that all local and governmental organisations working in the GBV field are working under one network to organise their work and help survivors and people in need, including those who live in remote areas and small towns,” SIGI Executive President Asma Khader said during the meeting.

She pointed out that the COVID-19 crisis has “exposed several problems, including not being able to reach people in need because of the nationwide lockdown”.

"We are at a stage where COVID-19 will most likely spread again and this time we need to be ready and prepared," Khader said. 

Khader also said: “That's why we need to start by compiling data that includes all the governmental and non-governmental entities that offers services to GBV survivors”.

“We need to ensure that the collected data will be publicised through all media means so that everyone in need will have access to these entities and the services they provide,” Khader noted.

She pointed out that “it is also a chance for the GBV survivors and people in need to know what to expect because sometimes some people think that these organisations will solve every problem in their life”.

The policy paper also included recommendations to establish a specialised digital method that would enable GBV survivors to be in contact with a service provider quickly, according to SIGI Executive Director Munir Idaibes.

"From our experience in dealing with GBV survivors, we noticed that many do not know how to use the digital services to their advantage. Therefore, we need to find a suitable digital platform that would enable them to access help quickly,” he said.

Idaibes pointed out that the policy paper also calls for amending all the laws that discriminate against women in Jordan.

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