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Tensions under Dome reflect public anger over encroachments on Al Aqsa

By Raed Omari - Mar 18,2019 - Last updated at Mar 18,2019

AMMAN — The Lower House's special session on Al Aqsa Mosque on Monday was disrupted by an uproar over remarks by MP Mohammad Hudeib, deemed by the speaker and other deputies as undermining national unity.

The heated debate spiralled quickly into a brawl between Hudeib and MP Khaled Fanatsah, prompting House Speaker Atef Tarawneh to adjourn the session for some time.

Addressing the Palestinian people during the emergency session that was held to discuss recent Israeli assaults against Al Aqsa Mosque/Al Haram Al Sharif, Hudeib said "no one will be on your side but God. Al Aqsa has its God to protect".

The deputy’s remarks were received by dismay, criticism and rejection by Tarawneh and other lawmakers, who interpreted them as "underestimating Jordan's support and protection of the Palestinian people and Al Aqsa Mosque".

"Your remarks incite sedition among Jordanians. No Jordanian MP has the right to speak like that," Tarawneh told Hudeib, adding that "Jordan's support of Palestine is not in question".

The speaker requested that Hudeib be referred to the Order and Discipline Committee for his “insult to Jordanians”. 

Other MPs were also dismayed with Hudeib, seeing his remarks as "insulting and an underestimation of Jordan's support to the Palestinian people". 

Angered by Hudeib's remarks, Fanatseh left his chair to the Parliament podium, requesting that a disciplinary action be taken against his colleague. 

At that point, Hudeib threw bottles of water at Fanatseh and the two were about to engage in a physical fight before they were prevented by other MPs.

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