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Some cheerful, others cranky as summertime begins

By Muath Freij - Mar 28,2015 - Last updated at Mar 28,2015

AMMAN — The switch to summertime was a hot topic on social media networks this past weekend, with some Jordanians expressing enthusiasm over the coming of summer and others saying they have problems adjusting to the clock change.

Jordan switched to summertime at midnight Thursday with clocks set forward by 60 minutes, making the Kingdom three hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

The Arabic hashtag #summertime was trending locally on Twitter during the weekend. 

Mosab Natsha
(@mos3ab93) said he feels more energetic during summer, expressing optimism over the switch to summertime.

Baha Amro (@DrBaha) was also excited to welcome summer.

"Goodbye winter, hello summer," he tweeted.

But Rafal™
(@Rafoosh95) said she is unable to sleep well because of the switch to summertime. 

 "It's 1 AM in Amman, Jordan. I lost an hour of sleep. I am physically mad at the world!" she tweeted. 

Amer Sarari
(‏@AmerSarari) said he was also unable to sleep properly due to the summertime switch.

Another Twitter user, Omar Qudah
(@3injanna) said summertime has mixed up prayer times, adding that he needs time to get used to the new hours.

Saber Abu Kass
(@saber_kass), however, wrote that summertime gives him extra hours.

"I love #summertime; it gives me extra time for more accomplishments and more tasks ... is this the case with you?" he tweeted.

Other social media users like Bilal Gaith Kiswani (‏@pressbilal) shared links to pages explaining the health impacts of using daylight saving time.

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