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Prince Hassan attends 13th Bosphorus Summit in Turkey

By JT - Nov 16,2022 - Last updated at Nov 16,2022

HRH Prince Hassan addresses the 13th Bosphorus Summit in Turkey (Petra photo)

AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan has said that no single country can handle global challenges related to migration, asylum, and climate change, calling for regional cooperation and adoption of an integrated approach that could promote creative commons.

In his keynote address during the 13th Bosphorus Summit in Turkey over the global transformations and challenges, Prince Hassan drew attention to the benefit of regional meetings realising common solutions that could help address humanitarian and environmental crises. 

The summit featured the participation of politicians, intellectuals, academics and experts from 47 countries.

The prince also highlighted the importance of developing a new global human order that prioritises human dignity, makes the law work for everyone, and recognises the code of conduct as a tool for policy formulation and crisis management, according to the Jordan News Agency, Petra. 

Especially relevant to the interrelated development of water, energy, food and the environment, the prince emphasised the necessity of identifying priorities and assessing the social and humanitarian impacts of decisions for a better future.

The region’s river and water basins have been attractive places for multiple civilisations and have gathered various cultures for centuries, the prince said, calling for a new renaissance in the Mashreq region (eastern Arab countries) that enjoys cultural diversity.

He also stressed the need for a global institution for Zakat and for solidarity to realise development goals and instil the values of altruism, human dignity and advance.

During a meeting with the president and members of the Turkish-Arab Dialogue Forum, Prince Hassan accepted the forum’s honorary presidency.

Istanbul, with its rich history and cultural diversity, has created a window of opportunity to enhance intellectual conversation and constructive dialogue, the prince said. He expressed hope that this forum would provide a space for dialogue.

The prince called to strengthen cooperation between Arab and Turkish research centres to deepen the dialogue among intellectuals and at the university level.


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