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Prince Hassan advocates strategic initiatives for Arabic language preservation

By JT - Dec 19,2023 - Last updated at Dec 19,2023

AMMAN — HRH Prince Hassan, president of the Arab Thought Forum, on Monday, attended events at the Jordan Academy of Arabic to commemorate World Arabic Language Day.

Addressing the gathering, Prince Hassan stressed that language transcends mere expression, but serves as an analytical, objective space that considers living conditions while highlighting developmental values.  Describing the Arabic language as a cultural incubator, he emphasised its pivotal role as a cornerstone in any development project.

Prince Hassan asserted that when discussing the concept of nation, it is imperative to reference the mother tongue to enhance understanding of collective nationalism, common elements and to prevent exclusion. He also reiterated the call for a national strategy to promote, disseminate and preserve the Arabic language, emphasising the necessity of establishing a wise council to oversee this strategy.

Stressing the cultural base of the Mashreq region, encompassing Arab, Persian, Turkish, and Kurdish nationalities, Prince Hassan underscored their pivotal role in shaping the region’s identity. He also highlighted the richness brought by the coexistence of these nationalities, along with religious and linguistic diversity, which significantly enriched the economic, social, and cultural fabric of both the Mashreq and the Arabian Peninsula.

Prince Hassan also highlighted the integral link between wealth and human capital in the Mashreq and the Arabian Peninsula, emphasising its fundamental role in fostering a renaissance. He also underscored the importance of using simplified concepts in academic studies to promote a deeper understanding of true nationalism and strengthen a sense of belonging. 

He also called for a proactive approach in addressing challenges within Arab forums by strengthening institutional efforts to develop contemporary Arabic dictionaries, as well as activating the global role of the Arabic language through inspiring and creative communication methods.

He also commended the need to prioritise Arabic language education at all levels and stressed the importance of paying attention to the language of the media and actively working to increase Arabic content on the Internet using correct language. 


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