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NATO mulls opening first-ever office in Arab world in Jordan – top official

Office ‘comes out of need’, reflects strong strategic partnership between Jordan, NATO, says official

By Mohammad Ghazal - Jul 12,2023 - Last updated at Jul 12,2023

VILNIUS– NATO is exploring the possibility of opening its first-ever office in the Arab world, choosing Jordan as its preferred location, a move that emphasises the deep, strategic relationship between Jordan and NATO, marking an advancement in cooperation efforts, according to a top NATO official.

Jordan, a strong ally of NATO in the southern region. The proposed NATO office, to be situated in Amman, would symbolise the significance of the special relationship and the mutual commitment between NATO and Jordan, the official said.

“We have very special relations with Jordan…This is a decision that needs to be taken right now. We are in the process of exploring with Jordanian authorities the possibility of opening an office,” the NATO official told The Jordan Times during a meeting on the sidelines of the alliance’s summit in Vilnius.

“It is an office that comes out of need and out of that fact that the relations with Jordan is particularly intense and we could not really handle all the cooperation projects that we have with Jordan without such an office,” the NATO official added.

This development comes as a result of high-level discussions between NATO and Jordan. The decision, while still in its early stages, is being actively pursued as a way to increase the effectiveness of NATO's numerous cooperation projects with Jordan.

The proposed office will be fully funded and sustained by NATO, and will focus on a multitude of strategic projects. It will stand as an operational hub that allows NATO to work more efficiently with Jordan, and potentially other countries in the region, according to the NATO official.

This move comes at a critical time. NATO has been gradually moving from a deterrence model to a new strategic approach that integrates defence, resilience and technological advancement. Amid these significant shifts, the alliance has also been actively working on a stronger collective defence construct and system.

The office in Amman “will not just be a physical manifestation of NATO's presence, but it will also serve as a tangible symbol of the alliance's commitment to its partner countries and their security”, which signals NATO's ongoing strategy of deepening partnerships, making them more balanced and beneficial for all parties involved, according to the NATO official.

The new NATO office in Jordan will be “a testament” to NATO's commitment to tackling emerging global challenges and threats, regardless of geographical boundaries. The move marks an evolution in NATO's strategic direction, reflecting its increased focus on the south in addition to its traditional focus on the east, the official noted.

It also reinforces Jordan's crucial role in these endeavours, further solidifying its position as a key player in the region, the official noted.

“Jordan is one of our stronger partners in the south and the office will be a hook to work with other countries in the region as well,” the NATO official said.

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