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National Centre for Human Rights calls for actions as Israeli human rights violations escalate in Gaza

By JT - Dec 11,2023 - Last updated at Dec 12,2023

AMMAN — On the 75th anniversary of the adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the National Centre for Human Rights (NCHR), in a statement made available to the Jordan  times brings attention to the urgent need for global solidarity in upholding the principles outlined in its foundational document.

This commemoration, held annually on December 10th, underscored the significance of international standards established to protect human rights and freedom. However, this year’s observance is marred by the ongoing conflict in the Gaza Strip, where Israel’s actions against Palestinians have raised accusations of crimes against humanity, war crimes, and acts of genocide, according to an NCHR statement. 

The NCHR condemns these transgressions as severe breaches of international humanitarian law and human rights law. The violations extend beyond legal protections for various groups, including children, women, elders, disabled individuals, journalists and medical staff. Civilian properties, press and media organisations, schools, hospitals and cultural sites have also become targets of Israeli attacks, the statement added.

“These violations demand immediate international attention and intervention to halt the Israeli aggression on Gaza and address the humanitarian crises unfolding in the region.” 

The centre also urged the international community, including all United Nations organs, to fulfil their responsibilities in response to the ongoing Israeli occupation. It also emphasised the original purpose of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, conceived to shield humanity from the devastating impacts of wars and underscored the importance of global collaboration in upholding its principles.

In response to the assault on the Gaza Strip, the centre advocated for the deployment of shared humanitarian values and the application of both international human rights law and international humanitarian law. It also supported the UN statement issued on October 26th, stemming from a Jordanian initiative and receiving votes from 120 countries. This statement also called for an end to hostilities, displacement, unimpeded passage of aid, and a halt to transgressions on hospitals, schools, and cultural properties in Gaza.

Furthermore, the centre aligns with the actions of the Secretary-General in implementing Article 99 of the UN Charter. It also emphasised the importance of avoiding double standards that may convey a message to Palestinians implying a lack of value for their lives and a denial of the care and protection they rightfully deserve, the statement read.


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