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With more ‘foodies’, food bloggers gain popularity in Jordan

By Batool Ghaith - Jul 11,2021 - Last updated at Jul 11,2021

Food bloggers are becoming more popular in Jordan among people of all ages (Photos courtesy of Ammunchies Instagram page)

AMMAN — Food bloggers are becoming more popular in Jordan among people of all ages. On every social media platform, the trend of going to restaurants and reviewing food has taken hold.

As Jordan’s population of “foodies” grows, many Jordanians have created food-blog accounts to document their restaurant visits and rate the quality of food, décor, atmosphere, and more.

According to Abdallah Abu Adas, Consultant of Psychiatry and Addiction Treatment, people tend to follow food blogs for a variety of reasons. “Food is a basic bio-psychological need and bloggers use it as an item to draw people’s attention, as well as a terrific marketing tool,” he said.

Abu Adas indicated that people have an “insatiable need” to explore and experience new things, while others simply want to fill their time, which is why they follow these blogs. 

 People also follow food bloggers to acquire ideas about what to do and where to eat, “it is a way to learn and to explore, but it should be done with prearranged personal limitations,” Abu Adas told The Jordan Times.

Abu Adas pointed out that food blogging could have a range of psychological impacts, such as triggering eating disorders like bulimia nervosa, binge eating, and more. It could also lead to obesity, especially if unhealthy recipes and food are showcased, which is often the case, he said.

Self-control, coping skills and psychological immunity can be tools to protect people from any unhealthy or unnecessary content. It is as important to explore new things as it is to filter appropriate and content, Abu Adas added.

Mira Abumaizar, a food blogger in Amman, have been blogging for almost three years and expressed her thoughts about food in Jordan and sharing her love and passion for food.

“Food blogging is not just about reviewing food; it is content creation. I go to restaurants and I post food recipes as well,” she said.

According to Abumaizar, the high number of expatriates in Jordan is a reason her page has succeeded.

“All people in Jordan love food and our culture is based on food and hospitality. All gatherings, occasions and outings are usually centred around food, which is why people are very attracted to food blogging. Having different opinions and reviews is important for people in order to know where to go and what to eat,” Abumaizar told The Jordan Times over the phone.

Abumaizar noted that food blogging is a more of a hobby than a main source of income. “Food blogging takes a lot of time, effort and energy. It takes time to go to restaurants, film and edit videos and much more. As foodies become a trend, it is easy to start a blog but much harder to maintain a following,” she said.

Abumaizar said she always tries to make her reviews honest and aims to find at least one positive aspect of the business, but also mentions what the business could change. “I care to portray my honest opinion and experience for others,” Abumaizar said.

She pointed out the importance of promoting sports and a healthy lifestyle as well. “I always make sure to let people know that I work out and go to the gym and I also post many healthy recipes as well, which shows that there is a balance in my life,” she added.


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