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MESC launches initiative to ‘boost Arab international role’

By Laila Azzeh - Mar 21,2017 - Last updated at Mar 21,2017

AMMAN – Tuesday marked the launch of a new initiative that seeks to “bring back the glory” of Arabs internationally after “decades of regression”. 

With the aim of developing Arab international relations, the initiative, backed by prominent Arab political figures, was launched by the Middle Eastern Studies Centre (MESC). 

“The status of Arabs has been losing headway internationally for over three decades, due to internal and national conflicts, as well as  the growing international and regional interference in the Arab internal issues,” said Qasid Mahmoud, member of the MESC’s Arab crises team. 

Speaking at a press conference, he noted that “it is about time to draw up a clear roadmap for the coming four years to develop the Arab-foreign ties in a way that serves the best interests of the Arab nation”.

“The initiative eyes a pivotal and effective role for Arabs on the international level,” Mahmoud highlighted. 

The plan aims at reaching national and regional reconciliation to end the current “state of conflict and depletion”, reinstate the Arab solidarity and unity, and build a unified vision for Arab integration. 

“I know that such endeavours are not new and have been tackled in many initiatives over the past, but we want to ring the bell on the need to do something to safeguard the well-being of Arabs,” noted Qasid.

MESC Executive Director Bayan Omari explained that the initiative came out of the centre’s awareness of the current situation of Arab nations, and of what should be done to restore this region’s position in the world. 

Formulated by more than 30 Jordanian and Arab thinkers, political experts and researchers, the initiative outlines suggestions to develop the work of the Arab League, form an Arab committee to lead national reconciliation processes and hold regular conferences with the US, Europe, Africa and Asia. 


The recommendations, to be referred to the Arab League, include the formation of two ad hoc committees seeking to enhance discussions with Turkey and Iran, based on mutual interests. 

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