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Local businesses are catering for Ramadan decorations

By Maria Weldali - Feb 25,2024 - Last updated at Feb 25,2024

With the holy month of Ramadan looming on the horizon, local businesses selling decorative lanterns and crescents are growing in numbers across the Kingdom, as many people are being involved to add a little green to your wallet (Petra File Photo)


AMMAN — With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, local businesses of selling decorative lanterns and crescents is growing across the Kingdome, many people are getting involved to generate income.

“Many local businesses have dedicated Ramadan and Eid collections… During this period, such establishments look for part time employees for a period of 3-4 weeks.” Abu Islam, 47 years old, told The Jordan Times on Saturday. 

“During Ramadan, crescent trees and lanterns are getting increasingly mainstream and are our best sellers.”

Each Ramadan, Abu Islam picks up another job, selling lanterns and crescents in Amman downtown as a way to make extra money.

“The job does not require specialised skills and he is paid around JD200 for a period of three weeks.”

Similarly, Abudul Rahman Khalla, 20 years old, told The Jordan Times on Saturday that he takes on multiple jobs in downtown Amman, in order to pay his college fees and help with household expenses.

He has taken up night shifts in a shop selling Ramadan decorations, home accessories, lights, as well as other decorative objects with Islamic patterns. 

“I am paid JD60 each week…I work from 8pm until 12pm,” he said.

Ramadan and Eid collections are also sold online.

Mai Sameer, a 29 years old pharmacist, said that she sells acrylic lanterns via Instagram to make extra cash.

“This is my first time to try a side hustle but I am really excited and hope it works,” Sameer said.

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