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Kingdom’s COVID-19 outbreak ‘still under control’, says Adaileh

‘Risk still exists, especially in light of rising number of deaths’

By JT - Mar 30,2020 - Last updated at Mar 30,2020

Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh speaks during a press briefing on Monday at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management (Petra photo)

AMMAN — Jordan’s situation regarding COVID-19 is “still under control”, Minister of State for Media Affairs Amjad Adaileh said on Monday, expressing hope that the crisis will be contained “with as few losses as possible”. 

As the Kingdom’s coronavirus-linked death toll reached four on Monday, the minister expressed condolences to the families of the deceased.

He noted that this increase in fatalities “is expected and within the normal  range”, as the majority of the countries hit by the virus have witnessed deaths, reflecting the danger of the pandemic.

Adaileh warned of this danger, highlighting the importance of abiding by the authorities’ instructions regarding preventing the spread of COVID-19.

Speaking during a press briefing at the National Centre for Security and Crisis Management, he said that over the past two days, the Kingdom has witnessed a drop in the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases.

“This does not mean that the pandemic has been contained. Risk still exists and caution is required, especially in light of the rising number of deaths,” he cautioned.

The following days are “very critical” in Jordan’s endeavour to contain the outbreak and success “depends on the public’s awareness and commitment to the precautionary measures and curfew instructions”, he said.

Referring to the evacuation of people who were being quarantined at Amman and Dead Sea hotels, he said that the operation was carried out according to strict procedures to ensure quarantined individuals’ wellbeing as well as the health of their families and friends, he noted, stressing that “they showed satisfaction, confirming that the health of citizens is a top priority for the government”. 

Adaileh reiterated that the evacuated people who were subject to a14-day hotel quarantine, will also be self-quarantining for the next two weeks, warning against any direct contact with them or visits.

Regarding the opening of banks and exchanges with a minimal number of employees, the minister lauded the personnel of the Jordan Armed Forces-Arab Army and community police’s efforts to organise the entry of the public to the facilities authorised to open.

A number of seniors and people with disabilities complained that they cannot reach the opened branches, as they are far from their houses, he said, stressing that a mechanism to address this problem will be developed during the coming days.



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