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Journalist launches media initiative to support local entrepreneurs

By Mays Ibrahim Mustafa - May 14,2022 - Last updated at May 14,2022

Ibrahim Mubaidin


AMMAN — Ibrahim Mubaidin, an experienced local journalist, has recently launched a media initiative that aims to support Jordanian youth entrepreneurs.

Mubaidin has been a journalist in Alghad Arabic daily newspaper since its founding in 2004. He is specialised in reporting on the telecommunication and information technology sector as well as areas relating to entrepreneurship and social responsibility. 

The initiative, which is called “Entrepreneurial Spirit”, takes the form of a Facebook page, the most popular social media platform in Jordan with roughly 5.3 million users, according to Mubaidin.

“Entrepreneurial Spirit” aims to be an interactive platform that provides media support for “local entrepreneurs and startup companies in the field of social entrepreneurship” by helping them market their ideas and highlighting their experiences and success stories, while also examining the challenges they face, he told The Jordan Times. 

“Its goal is to help these entrepreneurs succeed and prosper, therefore allowing them to contribute in supporting the national economy and creating job opportunities in the future,” added Mubaidin. 

He also noted that the initiative aims to create what is called “positive jealousy”, so that when others read the success story of someone else, it “motivates” them to do the same thing. 

Moreover, Mubaidin pointed out the importance of the entrepreneurship sector in countering unemployment and poverty, “the two most prominent issues in Jordan”.

The Department of Statistics (DoS) quarterly report showed that unemployment rates reached 23.3 per cent in the last quarter of 2021. Mubaidin noted that this stresses the need for “qualified human resources” capable of innovation who, with the proper support, can offer new ideas and start their own businesses.

He added that “in all countries around the world, startup or small and medium entrepreneurial companies contribute to 95 per cent of the economy, and they are more capable of hiring and creating job opportunities than large companies”.

Mubaidin also pointed out that although Jordan has limited financial and natural resources, it’s distinguished by its qualified human resources in all sectors. “For example, over 50 per cent of the Arab digital content on the Internet is generated by Jordanian youth,” he said.

Moreover, estimations indicate that Jordan has roughly 400 entrepreneurial companies, most of which operate in the technical field, he said.

The most prominent challenges facing youth in the sector of entrepreneurship, according to Mubaidin, are governmental procedures, legislations and regulations, particularly when starting a new company. “For example, taxes don’t differentiate between a large and a small company,” he said.

“Another main challenge is acquiring financial support, but the past two to three years have seen major improvements in that area, as Jordan now has around 11 investment funds directed towards supporting startups,” he added.

Mubaidin also noted that an entrepreneur’s character plays a major role in their success.

“Many youth think that entrepreneurship is an easy path towards wealth and success, but that’s never the case. It requires a certain character and an ability to face and overcome challenges,” he said.

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