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Jordanian Artists Association suspends New Year’s Eve concert permits in solidarity with Palestine

By Rayya Al Muheisen - Dec 11,2023 - Last updated at Dec 11,2023

A photo taken from southern Israel near the border with the Gaza Strip on Sunday, shows smoke rising above the northern part of the Palestinian enclave (AFP photo)

AMMAN — In a unified stance of solidarity with Palestine, the Jordanian Artists Association has announced the suspension of permits for concerts slated for New Year’s Eve celebrations. 

 Zuhair Noubani, the deputy president of the association, said that this decision is in response to the ongoing aggression in Gaza that commenced on October 8, 2023. 

The aggression has not only prompted the cancellation of events but has also deeply affected various sectors. Multiple event planning companies have declared the cancellation of scheduled events in light of the dire circumstances in Gaza. Furthermore, numerous Arab world celebrities and artists have come forward to announce the cancellation of concerts and the abstention from hosting any events as a show of solidarity with their brethren in the West Bank and Gaza. 

Adding to the impact, the Wedding Hall Association had previously reported a decline in reservations, attributing it to the aggression against Gaza. The association’s statement highlighted the far-reaching consequences of the conflict on various aspects of life, including the celebration of weddings. 

Jordanians, deeply affected by the events unfolding in Palestine, have decided to forego celebrations in light of the dire situation. The aggression, which has claimed the lives of over 17,000 individuals in Gaza alone, has left Jordanians in mourning. The grief extends beyond the alarming casualty figures, encompassing the distressing circumstances facing innocent Palestinians. Additionally, arrests in the West Bank have further heightened tensions and contributed to the somber mood among Jordanians. 

“As the New Year approaches, the Jordanian Artists Association’s decision reflects a collective commitment to stand in solidarity with the people of Palestine,” Noubani told The Jordan Times. 

Noubani emphasised the importance of prioritising empathy and support during these challenging times. 

 Mansour Rizeq, a business owner, voiced concern about the impact on the local economy. 

 “I get the solidarity aspect, but we also have businesses that depend on events and celebrations. It’s a double-edged sword. While we want to show support, we shouldn’t forget the economic repercussions this might have on us,” Rizeq told The Jordan Times.  

Nadine Qudsi, told The Jordan Times that it is a tough time for our brothers and sisters in Palestine and for the whole Arab world. 

“I believe it’s only right that we stand in solidarity with our Palestinian brothers,” Qudsi added.  

“Cancelling celebrations is a small sacrifice compared with what they are going through. It sends a powerful message of unity and support,” said Qudsi.  


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