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Jordan-US ties stronger than ever — ambassador

By JT - May 15,2022 - Last updated at May 15,2022

AMMAN — Jordanian-American relations are stronger than ever, so are the ties between the governments and the two peoples, US Ambassador Henry T. Wooster  said on Saturday.

During an interview with Al Mamlaka TV,  the diplomat said that both countries have experienced exceptional challenges, the most recent of which was health, adding “when there are relations based on foundations of 70 years, there is continued trust and responsibility”.

On the upcoming memorandum of understanding to be signed between the two countries that would frame up US aid to Jordan, Wooster  said: "The volume of aid is still under negotiations.” 

He added that it is in the US interest to have “a strong Jordan, militarily and economically". 

“We are keen to strengthen Jordan’s economy and military in every possible way... Jordan's weakness has never been in the US interest," said the American ambassador, stressing the ongoing US support for health and primary education in Jordan.

The envoy said the talks currently focus on economic reforms, as the US wants to enhance the economy and ensure Jordan has abundant water supply, highlighting “these two are the main points of structural reform in Jordan, which are currently under negotiation and discussion".

The Middle East’s investment environment is difficult for American businesspeople and companies, he noted.

“I want to use the FTA [the Free Trade Agreement] to empower SMEs, encourage small businesses and offer them the opportunities, which would be good for Jordan,” he said.

He also expressed pleasure with the “confidence” that allowed the United Airlines to launch direct flights between Washington and Amman.


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