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Jordan Times readers express shock, horror over ‘barbaric’ killing of pilot

By Omar Obeidat - Feb 04,2015 - Last updated at Feb 04,2015

AMMAN – Readers of The Jordan Times from across the world on Tuesday expressed their shock and horror over the killing of Jordanian pilot Muath Kasasbeh by the so-called Islamic State group. 

In comments posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page, they denounced the “barbaric” way the pilot was killed by the “inhumane terror group” and expressed their sympathies with the Kasasbeh family. 

“Watching him… being burnt alive is just heartbreaking it made me tear up… I wish them [a] slow and painful death,” Ahmed Qaralleh commented.

Sharon Ferry from the US said she was beyond sad, offering her condolences to the family “of this brave, hero, pilot”, and to the people of Jordan. 

Ferry added that citizens of the US stand with Jordan.

Bruno Kalhøj from Denmark wrote: “Rest in peace soldier, may ISIS burn both in this life and in the afterlife.” 

“As a person who’s lived in Jordan and loves Jordan, I cannot begin to say how saddened and truly horrified I am that this has happened,” said Jeffrey Laubach from the US.

Samer Hindi Bagh  conveyed his “condolences to the [Kasasbeh] family in Karak, Jordan. The people of Canada stand with you! God keep both our lands [glorious] and free.”

Eyad Liftawi called for revenge. 

“Jordan must take our revenge, and I’m ready for the war.” 

Yuri Hayamoto from Japan said it is time for Jordan to execute Sajida Rishawi, a death-row convicted terrorist involved in the 2005 Amman hotel bombings, as well as other IS prisoners. 

“Kill them all. Death to ISIS… It is payback time,” he wrote. 

“Rot in hell ISIS. I’m so sorry, Jordan,” said Jeri MacDonald.

“I’m so sorry, Jordan. May he rest in peace. And may the disgusting animals called ISIS die and rot in hell,” wrote Gretchen Holman.

Tiffany Star Hernandez-Geheim offered prayers to the family and friends of Muath. 

“Prayers for Jordan, may God bless his soul and may he taste now the sweetness of Paradise,” she added.

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