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Jordan to see 4th-degree weather depression starting Monday

Snowfall forecast for highlands; Tuesday to be ‘coldest day of year’

By Mays Ibrahim Mustafa - Feb 05,2023 - Last updated at Feb 05,2023

The Kingdom will be affected by a fourth-degree weather depression beginning on Monday, forecast to last until Wednesday (Alrai photo)

AMMAN — The Kingdom will be affected by a fourth-degree weather depression beginning on Monday, forecast to last until Wednesday, according to Arabia Weather, a weather forecasting company. 

In its five-day weather forecast, Arabia Weather predicted that a cold air front will start affecting the Kingdom’s northern region in the afternoon hours on Monday, with clouds appearing at different altitudes, bringing rain, hail and potential snowfall on the northern highlands. 

Over time, the influence of the cold air front is projected to gradually extend to the Kingdom’s central region, including Amman, the report added. 

The weather throughout the day is forecast to be marked by strong winds, sometimes exceeding 100 kilometres per hour, in various regions across the Kingdom and causing heavy dust storms in desert areas, according to Arabia Weather. 

The report said that the impact of the fourth-degree weather depression will intensify in Jordan’s northern and central regions by the midnight hours, marked by a gradual decrease in temperatures and rainfall accompanied by hail and fog formation over the highlands.

Arabia Weather also forecast snowfall on the highlands over 1,200 metres above sea level, including those in Jerash and Ajloun. 

The Kingdom’s highlands in the northern and central regions, including the capital, are also likely to witness snowfall mixed with rain, the report added. 

The southern region will see extremely cold and stormy weather, with the possibility of sporadic and scattered snowfall above highlands, especially in Tafileh Governorate, according to the forecast. 

Temperatures on Tuesday, which “will be the coldest day of this year’s winter season”, will decrease by 7°C to 9°C below their usual level, said Arabia Weather. 

The Jordan Meteorological Department (JMD) said that temperatures on Tuesday are forecast to range between a high of 5°C and a low of 2°C.

The JMD also predicted cloudy weather marked by rainfall in the Kingdom’s northern and central regions, in addition to parts of its southern and eastern regions, sometimes accompanied by thunder and hail.

Tuesday is also predicted to witness snowfall in the highlands over 1,000 metres above sea level and active westerly winds with the potential to stir dust in the Badia area, according to the JMD. 

Arabia Weather predicted an accumulation of snowfall on the highlands over 1,100 metres above sea level before noon on Tuesday, including mountains in Jerash, Ajloun and some parts of Mafraq Governorate.

Areas with lower elevation might also witness snow for short periods in the morning with little chance of accumulation, including those in the highlands of Balqa and areas west of Amman, such as Sweileh, Al Jubaiha, Tlaa Al Ali and Dabouq, the JMD report stated. 

The weather depression will also extend to Karak Governorate during the evening on Tuesday, according to Arabia Weather. 

The report added that weather conditions are expected to gradually ease throughout the day on Wednesday, which is forecast to be marked by rainfall and the possibility of snowfall in some areas.

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