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Jordan breaks into top 50% on 2023 Legatum Prosperity Index — JSF

By JT - Jun 20,2023 - Last updated at Jun 20,2023

AMMAN — The Jordan Strategy Forum (JSF) on Monday released the fourth update of the Jordanian Prosperity Index Report for 2023. 

This comprehensive report uses various local sub-indicators and delves into the Legatum Prosperity Index while setting the goal of positioning Jordan among the top 30 per cent of countries in the index.

The report examines two main indices, encompassing 12 dimensions, to evaluate the state of well-being in the country. The first index, the Quality of Wellbeing Index, focuses on intangible factors such as personal relationships, political freedoms and ease of bureaucratic procedures. The second index, the Evaluative Wellbeing Index, measures tangible indicators including income, employment, infrastructure and governance.

The report revealed a 0.5 per cent improvement in the Jordanian Prosperity Index in 2023, reaching a total of 146.5 points. However, this marks the Kingdom’s second weakest performance since 2012.

Analysing the main indices, the Quality of Wellbeing Index showed a 1.4 per cent increase to 152.5 points. This improvement can be attributed to enhanced conflict resolution, stronger protection of property rights and increased digital skills among the population. 

Conversely, the Evaluative Wellbeing Index experienced a 0.3 per cent decline, dropping to approximately 141.9 points. Factors contributing to this decline included higher costs of doing business due to crime and violence, decreased female labour force participation and limited renewable water resources.

On the global scale, Jordan ranked 86th out of 167 countries in the 2023 Legatum Prosperity Index, positioning the country among the top 50 per cent. This indicates progress compared to 2018, when Jordan ranked within the weakest 40 per cent of participants at 90th place out of 149.

Highlighting the significance of the Jordanian Prosperity Index, the JSF emphasised its role in guiding policymakers and decision-makers to identify national priorities and enact necessary measures for higher prosperity levels. 


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