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JMI releases first ever ‘Local Media Confidence Index’

By Rayya Al Muheisen - Dec 15,2022 - Last updated at Dec 15,2022

Representative image. According to a study by the Jordan Media Institute, social media platforms, specifically Facebook, are the number one source of news for Jordanians (Photo courtesy of Jimenez)

AMMAN — The Jordan Media Institute (JMI) launched the first “Local Media Confidence Index” on Thursday. 

The study was conducted by the JMI in cooperation with the Centre for Strategic Studies at the University of Jordan.  The representative sample consisted of 1,800 people from different governorates.  

The aim of the study is to understand the patterns, attitudes and level of trust in local news and media outlets, in order to help enhance the performance of media channels. 

Though this is the study’s first iteration, the JMI expressed their hope to continue the research and evaluation on an annual basis. 

The study found that public television channels achieved the highest credibility among media outlets. In the same vein, the study showed a significant decline in audiences’ reliance on daily newspapers.

The study showed that social media platforms, specifically Facebook, are the number one source of news for Jordanians. However, they are the least trusted and credible source for reliable news. 

The study added that “43.6 per cent of Jordanians trust local media”. 

Despite the similarities between Jordan’s numbers and global records, the study suggests the existence of gaps between the performance of media channels and the audience. 

“The percentage of reliance on local media outlets as primary sources of news stood at 45.8 per cent,” the study noted. 

The study added that during emergencies, audiences rely on social media platforms — and Facebook specifically— as their primary source of news.

Reliance on social media stood at 45.6 per cent, followed by TV channels, which stood at 39.3 per cent. News websites came in third place at 5.8 per cent. 

Meanwhile, the audience’s trust in the credibility of traditional media channels — newspapers, radio, TV channels and news websites — stood at 56.9 per cent, the study said.

“Official TV channels’ credibility for audiences stood at 61.3 per cent,” the study found. Official channels’ credibility ratings were followed by private TV channels, official radio stations, newspapers and news websites respectively. 

“Audience’s trust in the credibility of influencers decreased,” the study added. 

According to the study, almost 70 per cent of the public believe that local media expresses the government’s point of view. 

“Sixty-six per cent believe that local media avoids covering certain topics and issues,” the study added. 

However, the vast majority believe that the local media respects the values of Jordanian families and embraces women’s issues. 

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