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IAF announces candidates for local polls, promises 'inclusive' tickets

By Dana Al Emam - Apr 29,2017 - Last updated at Apr 29,2017

The Islamic Action Front announces the names of two of its candidates running for the upcoming local and municipal elections in Amman on Saturday (Photo by Dana Al Emam)

AMMAN — The Islamic Action Front (IAF) on Saturday announced the names of two of its candidates running for senior positions in the upcoming local and municipal elections, promising an "inclusive" approach to participation.

Ali Abu Sukkar, the front's deputy secretary general, will stand for the presidency of Zarqa Municipality in the upcoming elections, scheduled for August 15, while Mohammad Mansi, an assistant to the shura council president, will run for the presidency of Russeifeh Municipal Council.

Speaking at a press conference held at the IAF's headquarters in Amman, IAF’s Secretary General Mohammad Zyoud said the organisation would announce the names of all its candidates on the National Coalition for Reform lists once finalised.

"We will not enter the [local and municipal] elections on our own. We will seek to form genuine national coalitions," he said, noting that the coalition's lists will include non-members and members of other political parties, based on nominations from within IAF branches.

"Involving others is central to the IAF's approach to the upcoming elections," Zyoud noted, citing merit and the ability to best serve the constituency as the basic criteria for candidates' selection.

The IAF has formed a higher commission to manage elections preparations, in addition to dozens of assisting committees across the country.

He noted that the IAF's decision to participate in the election was taken in order to serve the general good and the need for maximised popular participation, adding that the party had not participated in the past 15 years’ local elections due to "the government's interference in the will of voters".

Meanwhile, he highlighted that enhancing participation is also part of the front's reform efforts, explaining that the IAF's executive office has suggested a number of amendments to the party's regulations in a bid to "modernise and improve" the activity of the party.

Zyoud stressed that candidates for the local and municipal elections are not required to have previously run for parliamentary elections, adding that candidates must be "well-accepted" by both the local community and the front.

During the meeting, the IAF also announced the results of its internal elections throughout its 38 branches across the Kingdom.


On the sidelines of the meeting, the IAF organised a sit-in in solidarity with Palestinian prisoners on hunger strike in Israeli jails.

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