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GAM introduces comprehensive regulations for dog ownership within municipality

By Rayya Al Muheisen - May 17,2023 - Last updated at May 17,2023

Representative image (Photo courtesy of unsplash/Andriyko Podilnyk)

AMMAN — The Greater Municipality of Amman (GAM) has introduced a comprehensive system for 2023 to regulate the monitoring, licensing and supervision of dogs within its jurisdiction, which was published in the Official Gazette on Tuesday. 

Under the newly enacted law, dog ownership within GAM borders will be strictly regulated. 

It is now mandatory for every dog owner to obtain a licence and ensure that their dog wears a collar or any form of identification approved by the Department of Vector Control and Animal Welfare in the Municipality. 

Prospective dog owners are required to submit a written or electronic application to the Department of Animal Welfare at GAM in order to obtain the necessary acquisition licence. 

The application must be accompanied by certain documents, including a declaration that the dog does not pose any risk to public safety and will not cause inconvenience or health issues to neighbours, along with a valid health certificate proving that the dog has received all required vaccinations, including the rabies vaccine. 

Additionally, a “no-objection” form bearing the consent and signatures of neighbouring property owners must be provided, along with evidence demonstrating the provision of appropriate care conditions for the dog, such as a shelter meeting specific dimensions and necessary food and drink utensils.

According to the regulations, a non-refundable fee of JD20 will be collected by GAM for each licence application. The acquisition licence will be valid for one year or until the rabies vaccine expires, whichever comes earlier.

To ensure public safety and responsible dog ownership, harsh penalties will be implemented for violations of the law. 

Any individual found guilty of causing their dog to bite a person, causing harm to another animal, neglecting or mistreating their dog, acquiring a dog without a licence within the jurisdiction of the municipality, failing to appropriately restrain the dog during walks or outside its shelter, failing to muzzle the dog when necessary, or neglecting to provide the necessary tools for disposing of dog waste outside their shelter may face fines between JD100 and JD500.

The introduction of the regulation system has sparked mixed reactions among the citizens of Amman.

“As a responsible dog owner, I believe these rules will ensure the safety of our community and promote responsible pet ownership,” dog owner Abdallah Thafer told The Jordan Times. 

Regulating pet licensing and ownership is “indeed a positive step” towards creating a harmonious environment. Furthermore, the system will curb the rise of stray dog incidents, Thafer added.

“Through the licensing process, the municipality can keep track of dog ownership and hold owners responsible for their pets,” he noted. 

Thafer added that this proactive approach will help prevent dogs from becoming strays and reduce the risks associated with uncontrolled dog populations.

Meanwhile, Basil Jibreel, a resident who had a negative encounter with an unlicensed dog, told The Jordan Times that he is “relieved that these regulations are in place”. 

“It will help prevent incidents like what I experienced. Dog owners should be held accountable for their pets,” Jibreel said. 

Dog owner Ayah Kilani told The Jordan Times that it’s crucial to educate the public about responsible pet ownership, including the proper care and socialisation of dogs. 

With the implementation of this comprehensive dog monitoring and licensing system, GAM will enhance public safety, ensure responsible pet ownership and promote a harmonious coexistence between dog owners and the community, Kilani added.


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