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Former addict supports those battling drug addiction

By Andrea López-Tomàs - Nov 27,2017 - Last updated at Nov 27,2017

AMMAN — After suffering from addiction himself, Yousef Mohammad Mishaal said he was keen to save the lives of others and educate them about the dangers of being an addict.

For that, Mishaal launched a campaign recently called “Happy Life for Awareness” through which he seeks to raise public awareness on the dangers of drugs addiction in the Jordanian community. 

“We are stronger than addiction,” Mishaal stated, adding that “it is necessary to promote knowledge and quality healthcare to better combat drugs and those falling victim to addiction in order to ensure the safety of all”. 

Concerned about the rise of addicts in the country and based on his own experience as an addiction survivor, Mishaal decided to offer a comprehensive treatment catered to those interested in rehabilitating both their personal and professional lives. 

Mishaal has created Al Shabaka, a non-profit organisation which aims to “provide job opportunities and eliminate unemployment, offer rehabilitation and training, supply networking and awareness”, he said.  

“Addiction leads to health deterioration, jail, or even death, so getting away from negative addiction is better for one´s soul and community,” Mishaal told The Jordan Times on Saturday. 

The campaign seeks to help the victims of addiction by providing mental health support and a system to improve their skills — allowing them to better integrate into the community. 

The rehabilitation programme offers emotional support as well as training, strategic workshops, and certificates to promote people in recovery in their job searching process.

“Happy Life for Awareness” offers training lectures at Qaraeen Centre and Al Rashid Hospital in Amman for patients of mental disorders and addiction. The sessions aim at helping the addicts find a way out from drugs by listening to other survivors’ experiences.  

Mishaal said he wants to improve their situation by “filling their free time”, which is all too common among the Jordanian youth. “This time feeds a desire to relapse and fall back to addition," Mishaal claimed.

“Happy Life for Awareness” aims to increase networking by launching its campaign in schools, universities, and places of worship. 

The campaign is currently running through a Facebook page followed by more than 700 people, and a website is scheduled to be launched soon. 

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