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Fears grow of new wave of COVID-19 infections

By Joy Mazahreh - Jul 16,2021 - Last updated at Jul 16,2021

AMMAN — As Eid Al Adha approaches, citizens and experts worry about a new wave of COVID-19 infections in the Kingdom.

Abdulrahman Aladwan, a Jordanian in his 20s, recalled how many citizens in the past Eid Al Fitr did not follow safety precautions or wear masks. 

"A lot of people visited each other during eid and greeted each other while shaking hands and kissing," he told The Jordan Times.

Nada Hamad, a young Jordanian, said that people are "getting bored". The vaccine guaranteed many citizens they would not catch the virus, which led them to also take fewer safety precautions, Hamad told The Jordan Times.

Fotoni Ammari, a young professional, agreed with Hamad. "People took their immunity for granted, especially after getting vaccinated," she told The Jordan Times. 

Amal, a student who preferred to go by her first name, said that she takes fewer safety precautions now since she only hangs out with vaccinated people, including herself. Amal still, however, keeps a distance at their gatherings.

Edeabean Sharayha, a recent graduate, attributed the lack of seriousness surrounding the virus precautions to citizens being "fed up with the instability of decisions”. 

On another note, many citizens still treat the pandemic the same way they did last March. Rain, a student who preferred to use her first name only, told The Jordan Times that she did not stop taking any safety precautions. 

Even after receiving the vaccine, people can still carry and transmit the virus, according to health experts.

Rain stressed the vaccine's ability to reduce the risk of hospitalisation or suffer any complications, but its inability to eliminate the risk of catching the virus.

In his recent visit to Amman Field Hospital, Minister of Health Feras Al Hawari called for more attentiveness to avoid infection from COVID-19. 

He also warned citizens and visitors of the third wave of the virus, a concern the high positivity rates have raised over the past few days.

Prime Minister and Minister of Defence Bisher Al Khasawneh stressed the urgency to abide by safety and health regulations to reach a safe summer and avoid the re-emergence of a COVID outbreak. 

The prime minister also directed all ministries and institutions to take firm measures to uphold public safety procedures and defence orders.

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