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Digital campaign to expose genocidal crimes in Gaza, pressure states to halt war — activists

By Rana Husseini - Nov 28,2023 - Last updated at Nov 28,2023

AMMAN — A group of activists announced that they plan to launch a digital storm to push countries across the world to intervene to prevent genocide in Gaza and stop the war on Gaza.

The expected digital campaign will be on Wednesday between 8-9pm Jordan time, according to a statement by the Gaza Genocide Petition Team.

“The idea is to gather as many people as possible to take part in the campaign,” the statement added.

The campaign aims to make the campaign’s hashtags (#CallOutGenocide #GazaGenocide) trend on social media.

The organisers of the campaign stated that the goal is to put pressure on United Nations institutions and international organisations to speak out against the threat of genocide in Gaza.

The more organisations use the term “genocide” the more pressure is placed on states to intervene to prevent genocide and accordingly to stop the war on Gaza, the statement said.

This tactic is very important strategically and will have positive consequences for Gaza on the short term and the Palestinian cause on the longer term if successful, according to the statement. 

The digital campaign is the third effort recently launched by a group of activists demanding urgent action against the potential genocide in Gaza.

Their previous activities included signing and submitting a petition to international organisations and UN agencies that are operating in the Kingdom to acknowledge the Gaza genocide.

The activists called for immediate and decisive action in the face of potential genocide perpetrated by Israeli forces.

The petition explicitly called for a clear condemnation of Israel's actions and an urgent ceasefire, with the activists believing that using the term "genocide" explicitly would exert significant pressure on Western governments to intervene, according to the statement.

It also demands international non-profit organisations and UN Agencies to express concern about a potential genocide in Gaza based on reports by experts, call for an urgent ceasefire and calls for the delivery of sufficient aid, particularly to Gaza's northern districts. 

The activists also read a statement when visiting the international entities to express their protest and objection to what is going on in Gaza.

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