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Curtains fall on 13 Palestinian Cultural Exhibition in Amman

By Pascal Studer - Oct 14,2023 - Last updated at Oct 14,2023

The 13th Palestinian Cultural Exhibition held under the title ‘My Heritage is My Identity’ came to a close Saturday (Photo by Pascal Studer)

AMMAN — The 13th Palestinian Cultural Exhibition held under the title “My Heritage is My Identity” came to a close Saturday, showcasing the diverse colours and textures of Palestinian heritage and rekindling the feeling of homeland.

Proceeds from the event, held at the Jordanian Construction Contractor Association from Thursday to Saturday, go to support Palestinians in need.

Traditional Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery, handicrafts, books, food, among other works of art dominated the scene. 

“We aim to help Palestinian families,” said Muna Hussein, one of the 45 volunteers who work for the Palestinian Culture Centre. 

Originally founded in Kuwait and established in Amman in 1991, the Palestinian Culture Centre has five committees: Culture and folklore, education, social welfare, communication and finance.

Samira Darrat, the head of the culture and folklore committee, highlighted all the symbolic meanings behind the embroideries, one of which is the “intifada rose”, a piece of art containing a flower symbolising a prison.

The Palestinian cross-stitch embroidery is not only a form of art, but also a political, historical and cultural message, revitalising a cause.

The embroideries are made by Palestinian women living in refugee camps in Jordan. 

“Around 350 Palestinian women are involved in the project, creating art and clothing,” Darrat said.

Focus and patience are key in this time-consuming labour of weaving this embroidery, she added.


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