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Artworks depict Palestinian suffering at Foresight32 Art Gallery in Amman

By Maria Weldali - Jan 14,2024 - Last updated at Jan 14,2024

Artists protest Israeli war on Gaza through their artworks displayed at the Foresight32 Art Gallery in Amman (By Mohammad Samara)

AMMAN — Artists protest Israel’s offensive against Gaza through their artworks displayed at the Foresight32 Art Gallery in Amman.

“Arab artists could not disassociate themselves from the ongoing happenings in Gaza and the West Bank, and they joined the battle through the use of a diverse range of art,” according to a statement by the Foresight32 Art Gallery sent to The Jordan Times.

The art exhibition titled, “Palestine is Resilient and its Roots are as Strong as Olive Branches”, depicts the resilience of Palestinians since the start of occupation and amidst the ongoing war on the coastal enclave. 

Olive trees are a symbol of roots and resilience for Palestinian people, organisers said.

The exhibition, which started on December 23rd and will run until January 25th, features Jihad Al Amiri, Dalia Ali, Ra’ed Qatanani, Othman Shehab, Emad Abu Eshtieh, Ghazi Eneim, Kawthar Damaq, Mohammad Al Amiri, Mohammad Samara, Naser Abdulaziz, Nasma Mahram and Suad Esawi. In addition to including the artworks of late artists Nathir Nabaa, Ahmad Nawash, Mustafa Al Halaj, Abdulhai Muslim  and Adnan Yahya.

The 17 artists explore different perspectives of war, resilience and life under siege and occupation, while aiming to condemn and expose Israel’s atrocities committed against Palestinians.

The artworks define features of the Palestinian suffering, presenting the Palestinian woman wearing her country’s traditional embroidered dress in some artworks, and the Palestinian cities and villages particularly Jerusalem, along with incorporating Palestinian myths.

“The artistic expression serves an educational function… and the paintings now aim to expose the hidden truths taking place within Palestinian land.” the statement read. Marking a shift in the expressive and creative content of artwork, this exhibition aims to let the paintings bring the facts to life.

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